Fiscal Impacts of Development: Literature Review and Discussion

Mix, Troy
Hurley, Rachael
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A few simple premises about growth and development directed the preparation of this report. First, regional growth and development certainly brings with it a whole host of benefits and costs. From a positive perspective, growth and development can provide residents with additional choices of where to live, work, and shop. It can generate new jobs, new tax revenue, and higher incomes and property values. However, growth and development can also create negative consequences, ranging from degraded environmental quality and increased traffic congestion to the loss of rural and historic character. Also, there is far from complete agreement on what constitutes good or bad growth. One person may aspire to live in a large home in a rural area, while another may derisively refer to such a home as a “McMansion.” Finally, reasonable people, regardless of their favorite housing style, tend to agree that growth and development does have a significant impact on state and local governments’ budgets. At the most basic level, increased population leads to increased costs.
fiscal impacts of development , fiscal impact analysis , land use planning , regional planning , fiscal analysis , compact development , methodologies , costs of sprawl