Christina Basin Pollution Control Strategy: A Watershed-based Strategy to Implement Total Maximum Daily Loads in the Brandywine, Red Clay, and White Clay Creeks, and Christina River in Delaware

Christina Basin Tributary Action Team
Corrozi, Martha
Kauffman, Gerald
Micheva, Angelina
Zechiel, Melissa
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The Pollution Control Strategy (PCS) includes narrative on the unique characteristics of the basin, the resources that make the basin valuable, the Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) set for the basin, and the Christina Basin Tributary Action Team process. The most significant component of this document are the 40 recommendations grouped by the following categories: stormwater, open space, wastewater, agriculture, and education. These recommendations were developed through a collaborative effort by the Christina Basin Tributary Action Team. The PCS also includes a chapter on the monitoring stations located throughout the Delaware portion of the basin and the water quality parameters tested at these stations. This chapter discusses the importance of water quality monitoring upon implementation of the PCS. The final chapter in the PCS quantifies the economic benefits of the Christina Basin and provides an estimate of the cost of implementing the recommendations set forth in the PCS. This chapter provides quantifiable evidence that improving the water quality in the Christina Basin makes economic sense.
water , pollution , control , strategies , watershed , recommendations , Christina River , Red Clay Creek , White Clay Creek , Brandywine Creek , TMDLs , nonpoint source