Summary Report The Coastal Storms Of January 27-29 And February 4-6, 1998, Delaware And Maryland

Ramsey, K.W.
Leathers, D.J.
Wells, D.V.
Talley, J.H.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
In the period between January 27 and February 6, 1998, the Mid-Atlantic region experienced two significant northeasters that affected the coast of Delaware and Maryland. These storms produced heavy rains and high winds, waves, and tides that created dune washovers, flooding, wind damage, and beach erosion and migration. Coastal communities were impacted by flooding that closed roads, by beach erosion that affected structures, streets and boardwalks, and by high winds that damaged structures and trees. This report summarizes the geologic and climatologic nature and effects of these storms and compares them with other similar storms. Post-storm geologic observations from Delaware and Maryland are given in Appendix A.
dune washovers , northeaster - Delaware , northeaster - Maryland , beach erosion , wind damage , flooding