Summary Report The Coastal Storm Of December 10-14, 1992 Delaware And Maryland

Ramsey, K.W.
Talley, J.H.
Wells, D.V.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
On December 10, a low pressure system moved rapidly north-northwest from eastern North Carolina and Virginia, up the Chesapeake Bay to a position just west of Chestertown in Kent County, Maryland by 0700 on December 11. The system then moved irregularly to the southeast, stalled for several hours over Georgetown, Delaware, and proceeded offshore early on December 12. Approximate locations of the storm's track are shown on Figure 1. The storm had associated rain that contributed to some local stream flooding and high winds that created strong surf and waves. The waves were compounded by an astronomical high tide (full moon) to produce coastal flooding along Delaware Bay and some breaching of the dunes along the Atlantic coast. The position of the storm offshore blew north-northeast winds onto the coast and abnormally high tides continued through December 15.
December 10-14, 1992 , coastal flooding , Delaware Bay , stream flooding