Papers Presented By Staff Members Of The Delaware Geological Survey At The Baltimore Meeting Of The Northeastern Section Of The Geological Society Of America, March, 1974

Pickett, T.E.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
This report is a compilation of four papers presented by DGS staff members at the Baltimore Meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America, March, 1974.
(1) Earthquake History And Geology Of Northern Delaware, R. R. Jordan (Speaker), K. D. Woodruff, and T. E. Pickett; (2) Delaware-New Jersey-Pennsylvania Earthquake Of February 28, 1973, R. R. Jordan, T. E. Pickett (Speaker), K. D. Woodruff, et al.; (3) Selection Of Sites For High Yielding Wells In The Delaware Piedmont, K. D. Woodruff (Speaker), J. H. Talley, and J. C. Miller; (4) Trace Fossils Of The Englishtown Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Delaware (Abstract), H. A. Curran (Speaker; Smith College), and T. E. Pickett
earthquake , geology , northern Delaware , Delaware-New Jersey-Pennsylvania , February 28, 1973 , high yielding wells , Delaware Piedmont , trace fossils , Englishtown Formation