Emergency Planning for Nuclear Plants

Dynes, Russell R.
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Disaster Research Center
Planning for emergencies is not new. One could argue that Noah was one of the first emergency planners since he gave considerable attention to what might be needed in an emergency. He was able to act, on the basis of that planning, quite effectively. One would have to admit that he had a rather unique warning system but it was effective. Noahs in modern society have to give greater attention not just to floods but to a wider range of threats and emergencies. Emergencies, simply stated, are those events which cannot be dealt with by ordinary measures and routines. And the notion of planning for “natural” emergencies has more recently been extended to a variety of technological risks which are present in modern society. A good case can be made that disaster events derived from technological risks will become the “natural” disasters of the future, TMI, Bhopal, Sevesto, and Love Canal have become names which are recognized around the world while the effects of Hurricane “What’s His or Her Name” are often quickly forgotten. This paper addresses various issues pertaining to emergency planning in the context of nuclear plants.
Nuclear Plants , Emergency Planning