Geology And Ground Water, University Of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

Woodruff, K.D.
Miller, J.C.
Jordan, R.R.
Spoljaric, N.
Pickett, T.E.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
The results of an intensive ground-water study on University of Delaware lands in the Newark area revealed additional sources of available ground water. Geophysical techniques, air-photo interpretation, studies of existing data, field mapping, test drilling, and pump tests were used as the bases for guiding additional well development. The study, conducted by the Delaware Geological Survey, was a cooperative effort between the University of Delaware and the City of Newark in response to mutual water supply problems. A potential ground-water yield of about 500 gpm was discovered on the University Laird Tract in the Piedmont Province. Ground water available from other locations in the Coastal Plain portion of the study area may total about 175 gpm. However, careful well development and proper well spacing will be necessary to obtain optimum yields.
ground-water study , University of Delaware , Laird Tract , Piedmont Province , well spacing , well development