Application Of Geophysics To Highway Design In The Piedmont Of Delaware

Woodruff, K.D.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
The feasibility of using geophysical techniques in determining the amount of overburden and the nature of the subsurface along a proposed highway was tested in the Piedmont area of Delaware. The area is underlain by crystalline rocks capped by varying amounts of unconsolidated material or regolith. Seismic refraction and surface resistivity methods were used at selected stations and the interpretations were later compared to results from test holes and to the material exposed in road cuts. In general, interpretation of the seismic refraction results compared quite well with test borings and with field observations made after construction was started. Resistivity data were inconclusive in themselves but provided some additional control points when correlated with seismic refraction data. With proper control, it is concluded that such techniques could be useful in the Piedmont of Delaware for highway planning.
geophysical technique , overburden , subsurface , highway , crystalline rock , unconsolidated material , regolith , seismic refraction , surface resistivity , highway planning