Sidewalks and Shared-Use Paths: Safety, Security, and Maintenance

O'Donnell, Edward
Knab, Andrew
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This project was undertaken with the support of the Delaware Department of Transportation, to analyze the safety, security, and maintenance of multi-modal facilities—both on- and off-road. Specific attention was directed toward accessibility issues and snow removal. In order to adequately examine these issues, the project proceeded in three stages. First, an extensive literature review was conducted. Second, 13 experts and professionals were identified and interviewed on these topics from a total of eight states across the country. Following the completion of the literature reviews and interviews, a policy forum was held on March 21, 2007, on the University of Delaware’s campus at Clayton Hall. Approximately 60 invitees attended, including state and local police, city managers, and agency staff responsible for sidewalks and shared-use paths throughout the state. Three breakout sessions on safety, security, and maintenance were utilized to provide the project team with an “events on the ground” perspective and identify solutions. This report provides a synopsis of the key findings and recommendations from the literature review, interviews, and policy forum.
safety , security , maintenance , paths , trails , sidewalks , bicycle , pedestrian , trail design , shared-use , crime , lighting , graffiti , crossings , snow removal , signage , ADA , management