Evaluation of Delaware's State Improvement Grant: 2007 SSSR/IMPACT End of Institute Teachers' Survey

Shepperson, Barbara A.
Janerette, Dariel
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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
One objective of the Delaware State Improvement Grant (DelaSIG) is that teachers will implement scientifically based literacy/reading practices with an emphasis on struggling special education readers and improving special education students’ access to the general curriculum. As part of the reporting of the DelaSIG, the Delaware Education Research and Development Center (R & D Center) requested survey data from participants who attended either one or both Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) professional development program(s) designed to help focus teacher instruction of struggling readers in Grades 4 through 12, Success for Secondary Struggling Readers (SSSR), and/or Implementing Multiple Practices for Activating Comprehension in Teaching (IMPACT). Each of these programs includes 30 hours of training in reading content knowledge, pedagogy, and application. An additional 60 hours of implementation are necessary to meet the requirements of a “cluster” (a 90-hour professional development program provided by the DDOE).
SBRR , IMPACT , Literacy , Reading