Evaluation of Delaware's State Improvement Grant: 2007 Delaware Public Poll

Shepperson, Barbara A.
Janerette, Dariel
Delpeche, Helene
Qian, Xiaoyu
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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
As part of the outcome evaluation of the Delaware State Improvement Grant (DelaSIG), a segment of this year’s public poll focused on determining the public’s perception of home literacy and inclusive efforts in Delaware schools. These issues directly relate to two major goals of the DelaSIG: 1) all students with disabilities will have improved literacy and reading skills and 2) all students with mild or moderate disabilities will gain access to, and progress in, the general curriculum. Part of this year’s evaluation focuses on determining Delaware parents’ perceptions and practices regarding home literacy development and Delaware citizens’ perceptions regarding Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and inclusive efforts in the classroom. This report describes the results from the Delaware public poll conducted by the Delaware Research & Development Center. From November 2006 through February 2007, telephone interviews were conducted with 910 citizens throughout the state of Delaware. The sampling plan for this poll was scientifically developed and data were collected using random digit dialing to obtain a random sample of Delaware citizens.