Assessing the Needs of Delaware’s Older Drivers

Dworsky, Bernard
O'Hanlon, Julia
Klepner, Richard
Catherine, Adam
Trick, Julie
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Current road designs should be reviewed to determine whether modifications are necessary to better accommodate Delaware’s older drivers. Possible modifications include making intersections more driver- and pedestrian-friendly and improving traffic signs and signal design. Additionally, comprehensive assessment, education, and outreach programs can assist individuals, families, and physicians facilitate discussions about driving and promote mobility and independence among older Delawareans. Like other states that are addressing this issue, Delaware should apply resources for such modifications and initiatives to areas that pose the greatest safety concerns. Chosen areas should be based on the state’s current and projected demographic trends as well as crash data. Better coordination and collaboration among state advocacy groups and agencies will also foster overall improved awareness and education for individuals and their families who are concerned about the potential risks associated with older drivers.
This report was prepared for the Delaware Center for Transportation and the Delaware Department of Transportation.
older drivers , Delaware , transportation , mobility , road design , education , awareness , independence