Thickness And Transmissivity Of The Unconfined Aquifer Of Eastern Sussex County, Delaware

Andres, A.S.
Klingbeil, A.D.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
The unconfined portion of the Columbia aquifer is a key hydrologic unit in Delaware, supplying water to many agricultural, domestic, industrial, public, and irrigation wells. The aquifer is recharged through infiltration of precipitation and is the source of fair-weather stream flow and water in deeper confined aquifers. The aquifer occurs in permeable sediments ranging in age from Miocene to Recent. Over most of Delaware, the top of the unconfined or water-table portion of the Columbia aquifer occurs at depths less than 10 feet below land surface. Because of the permeable character of the aquifer and its near-surface location, the unconfined aquifer is highly susceptible to contamination.
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Thickness , Transmissivity , Unconfined Aquifer , Eastern Sussex County , Delaware