Mediterranean Plants From Chile for Displays at Longwood Gardens

Eason, Rodney
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University of Delaware
The goal of this thesis research was to determine if plants from central Chile have potential as display plants at Longwood Gardens. A literature review was completed to select target plants from Chile. A list of plants with potential to complement the displays at Longwood was made by analyzing descriptions, watercolor illustrations, and color photographs. The author selected 92 plants from central Chile that had potential for evaluation based upon literature descriptions. The target list was distributed to members of Longwood Gardens’ Research Steering Committee and a survey on plant characteristics was distributed to Longwood’s Plant Evaluation Committee. The responses were assimilated to determine selection preferences. Subsequently, the author planned an exploration to observe the target list in-situ in Chile. During the exploration, 56 targeted plants were observed. Plants were documented as recommended or not recommended for display in Longwood Gardens. The thesis presents 40 plants for consideration as display plants for Longwood Gardens. Twenty-six of these plants are on the original target list. The additional 14 plants come from observations made during the Chilean expedition. The remaining 66 target list plants are not recommended for display either because not enough information was obtained or the plants were not observed. Longwood should participate in future explorations to Chile in order to acquire potential display plants and observe plants not seen during the thesis research expedition. Advisor: James Swasey, Robin Morgan, Conrado Gempesaw
Horticulture , Chile , Mediterranean , Longwood Gardens