Geology and Ground-Water Resources of the Newark Area, Delaware with a section on the Surface Water Resources

Groot, J.J.
Rasmussen, W.C.
Hulme, A.E.
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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
This report describes the geological and lithological conditions in the Newark area, and the occurrence, quantity, and quality of the available ground-water supply. Newark is located on the Fall Line, the boundary between the rolling hills of the Piedmont on the north and the gentle slopes of the Coastal Plain on the south. Because the Piedmont is underlain by dense crystalline rocks and their weathered clayey soils, which are of low water-bearing capacity in contrast to the more permeable silts and sands of the Coastal Plain, the exploration for ground water was confined to the Coastal Plain south and southeast of Newark.
The section on surface water resources was prepared under the supervision of. Floyd F. LeFever, Surface Water Branch, U. S. Geological Survey. The section on flow duration studies and figures 15-18 were done by Robert O. R. Martin, hydraulic engineer, U. S. Geological Survey.
Geology -- Delaware -- New Castle County , Groundwater -- Delaware -- New Castle County , Water-supply -- Delaware -- New Castle County , Water -- Composition , White Clay Creek (PA and DE) , Red Clay Creek (PA and DE) , Christina River (DE) , Streamflow measurement