Building Inter-Metropolitan Rail Corridors

Mitchell, Ivan
Moreland, Lisa
Warren, Robert
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Building rail capacity and efficiency in the United States is critical for both effectively meeting projected increasing transportation demands over the next several decades and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. To achieve this, there is a need to expand rail infrastructure and shift a portion of the movement of people and freight from highway to rail. The policy forum acted as a venue to discuss progress that is being made, problems that need to be overcome, and which steps should be given priority to move corridor development forward and create wider public understanding, support, and use.
The University of Delaware IPA gratefully acknowledges that the Building Inter-Metropolitan Rail Corridors Public Policy Forum and Report were made possible with funding support from a State of Delaware Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Bill through a Delaware Department of Transportation Infrastructure Grant to IPA.
infrastructure , rail , corridors , inter-metropolitan , railroad , freight , passenger , commuter