Edible Garden for Kingswood Community Center

Wang, Yanjun
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Kingswood Community Center (KCC) isa 9.1 acre property located in the northeast part of Wilmington, Delaware at 2300 Bowers Street. The community is near the Brandywine River is adjacent to commuter railroad tracks. The KCC has been operational for over 70 years and provides resources, opportunities, and events for community members of all ages. The name Kingswood comes from Kingswood Methodist Episcopal Church. At the back of building, there is an existing 0.15 acres large community garden with edible plants including as raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberries. Correspondingly, there is food pantry that stores and distributes the freshly grown produce from the garden. This small urban garden is already helping to solve the problem for the neighbors who take advantage of the food pantry. It is helping them even though they live in what is technically a food desert. As mentioned, the community center is home to a small edible garden that is planted with a variety of existing fruits in raised planting beds. I proposed to expand the edible garden area and function so that it is large enough to produce more food for the local community.
Kingswood Community Center, Wilmington, DE , Community garden , Edible plants