2002 Statewide Public Poll on the Condition of Education in Delaware

Ackerman, Cheryl M.
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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
Each year the Delaware Education Research and Development Center (R&D Center) of the University of Delaware conducts a telephone poll questioning citizens on their impressions regarding the condition of education in Delaware. This report summarizes the results for the statewide Public Poll conducted in the fall of 2002
This poll is a collaborative effort of various members of the College of Human Resources, Education and Public Policy at the University of Delaware. The author extends special thanks to the Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research in conducting the telephone interviews and to Delaware Education Research and Development Center staff, Mary Heim, Deb Coffey, and Andrew Augustine in their assistance with the data analysis as well proofing the final report. The author would also like to extend a special thanks to the following faculty members in sharing their knowledge of the research literature. Martha Buell, Associate Professor, Individual and Family Studies Michael Gamel-McCormick, Director of the Center for Disability Studies Susan Giancola, Assistant Professor, School of Education Robert Hampel, Professor, School of Education Steve Martin, Sr. Scientist, Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies Kathleen Minke, Associate Professor, School of Education Heather Pleasants, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Poll , condition of Public Education