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  • Grusenmeyer, Linda (2006-05-28)
    This policy brief addresses growing evidence for a need to provide reading instruction to students beyond elementary school years. Adolescent literacy practices are not only helpful to struggling readers, but they also ...
  • Banicky, Lisa (2000-05)
    Providing severely disruptive and expelled students with an alternative setting for learning has become an increasingly populare strategy for improving school safety and creating an atmorsphere where learning can occur. ...
  • Coffey, Debra (2003-01)
    Because charter schools are so new, there is not yet sufficient datat to determine whether charter school students learn or achieve differently than regular public schools students. However, intial results indicate that ...
  • Scollon, Kelly L.; Noble, Audrey J. (2006-04)
  • Noble, Audrey J. (1998-03)
    The issue of class size is a focus of recent policy initiatives. At the national level, President Clinton's State of the Union Address and the propsed FY '99 budget both call for reduced class size in America's public ...
  • Giancola, Susan (1998-09)
  • Noble, Audrey J.; Kedzior, Margarete (2003-05)
  • Ackerman, Cheryl M.; Fifield, Steve (2005-05)
  • Scollon, Kelly L.; Fifield, Steve (2005-01)
  • Banicky, Lisa; Noble, Audrey J. (2000-04)
    Research on student mentoring reveals benefits for students, schools, and mentors. Barriers to effectively implementing mentoring programs include difficulty recuriting and retaining mentors, cost of programs, and inadequate ...
  • Noble, Audrey J.; Rodney, Marianne (2001-02)
    Across the nation, school districts are being released from court supervision of their desgregation efforts. As a result, many urban school districts are becoming resegregated as students return to their neighborhood ...
  • Janerette, Dariel (2008-04)
    This policy brief explores No Child Left Behind’s requirement that all Delaware public school students reach proficiency on Delaware content standards in reading and mathematics by 2014 through the use of longitudinal data ...
  • Banicky, Lisa (2000-10)
  • Brown, Pamela (2002-03)
    Research in the area of parent involvement indicates that parent involvement is of critical importance to student achievement (and behavior) and has benefits for parents, teachers, ands chools as well as students.
  • Retention 
    Noble, Audrey J. (2000-01)
  • Coffey, Debra; Fifield, Steve (Delaware Education Research & Development Center, 2004-04)
  • Coffey, Debra; Fifield, Steve (2004-04)
  • Noble, Audrey J.; Deemer, Sandra; Davis, Betsy (Delaware Education Research and Development Center, 1996-02)
    Shared decision making (or school-based management) has become a centerpiece of efforts across the nation to improve America's schools. This policy brief considers three questions in light of current research and practice ...
  • Noble, Audrey J. (1998-01)
  • Kedzior, Margarete; Fifield, Steve (Delaware Education Research & Development Center, 2004-05)

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