Project Safe Pathways: Three-Year Cohort Report

Ackerman, Cheryl M.
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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
This evaluation report, prepared by the Delaware Education Research and Development Center, includes a description of a group of students who participated in the Safe Pathways program since it started in 1999. Information related to student characteristics, student achievement, student behavioral and attitudinal indices, and parent involvement is presented and discussed. The data examined in this study describe three-year cohort participants from several angles. Student-surveys, teacher surveys, achievement data, and school records paint a somewhat mixed picture of their educational experience, and the impact the Safe Pathways program has had on long-term participants. Both students and teachers reported that the program has had some positive impact on student behaviors and attitudes. Achievement data were either insufficient to comment on, or indicated a small change over time for the three-year cohort. School records showed some consistent and differing patterns of absences and suspensions for elementary and secondary students. Parent involvement has also shown some changes according to students and teachers.
Safe Pathways , achievement , behavior , attitudes , parental involvement