Ithaka S&R Study: Examining the Research Support Needs of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty University of Delaware Local Report

Melvin, Tom
Lanteri, Sabine
Daix, Erin
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University of Delaware Library, Museums & Press, Newark, DE
Beginning in the Fall 2017, the University of Delaware joined 10 other institutions (see Appendix A) to participate in a study conducted by Ithaka S+R, a not-for-profit research and consulting service. The goal of the study was to provide an in-depth qualitative analysis of the research practices of academics in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Each participating institution will complete a report on the research practices in their local environment and Ithaka will produce a final report that would detail the state of research in the discipline as a whole. The information gathered is to be used to identify improvements to pre-existing research support services at the University of Delaware as well as to identify opportunities to develop new research support services for Civil and Environmental Engineering more widely. This report outlines research methods, collaboration activities, data management practices, publishing and dissemination activities, and future challenges and opportunities. The information presented here relates solely to the data collected at the University of Delaware.
Ithaka S&R , Research practice , Civil and environmental engineering