Preliminary Report on the Delaware New Teacher Mentoring/Induction Program

Raffel, Jeffrey
Holbert, Rachel
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This report provides a brief history of mentoring in Delaware and the process that culminated in the passage of the Professional Development and Educator Accountability Act (SB 260) in 2000. It then describes in detail the Delaware New Teacher Mentoring/ Induction Program, which is a mandatory, three-year induction program for all new public school teachers and other school professionals, such as nurses and counselors. Surveys that were administered in spring 2005 to the program’s new teachers, mentors, and lead mentors are the source of much of the evaluation’s data. Although the response rate was low, the evaluation indicates a high degree of satisfaction with the program and compliance with its requirements. It also indicates that only ten percent of new teacher respondents left public school teaching the next school year, a significant drop in the overall attrition rate for first-year teachers. Finally, the report provides recommendations for improving the mentoring/induction program. The evaluation will continue this year with a case study analysis of four districts and two charter schools.
teacher , mentoring , induction , public , schools , Delaware