Infrastructure Security in Delaware: Organization and Assessment

Brennan, Lisa
Warren, Robert
Moreland, Lisa
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Based on research conducted between January and July of 2005 by the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware with funding from the Delaware Department of Transportation, this report gives a general picture of the national homeland security framework and the way in which infrastructure security organization and policies have evolved within that framework. The report studies the national overview of infrastructure security, including the history of federal involvement and influence, and evaluates the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for three critical infrastructure sectors. In addition, it offers specific analysis on some of the specific risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for Delaware. It outlines the organization of infrastructure security with an assessment of the current structure’s effectiveness. Lastly, the report provides recommendations for change to improve the organization of infrastructure security.
infrastructure , transportation , security , risks , threats , vulnerabilities , hazards , Delaware