2005 Volume 6 Number 2

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    Homagno: Performatividad, polifonía e hibridez en José Martí
    (2006-01-15) Camacho, Jorge
    In the following essay I explore the performance of identity in José Martí’s “Homagno” a poem well known for its dramatic exposure of the self and the anguish it expresses. I read Martí’s hybrid style as another instance of this performance of multiplicity, as “protean” in nature, and another link to Emerson’s writing on the self. My intention is to reveal Martí’s construction of the self vis-à-vis a hypothetical reader who becomes disillusioned by the many faces he exhibits. This opens up the text to multiple readings and in particular to Paul Ricouer"s characterization of modern narratives: a series of strategies of deception, structured to motivate in the reader a critical and creative thinking.
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    Dolarización: Definición, costos y beneficios. El caso de Cuba
    (2006-01-15) González Corzo, Mario A.
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    Hegemonic Peace in South America: Fact or Fiction?
    (2006-01-15) Martín, Félix E.
    South American states have avoided a major intra-regional war since the Chaco War in 1935. Several experts characterize this development as the “hegemonic peace.” They surmise that the U.S. hegemonic management has prevented the outbreak of major wars. Contrary to this interpretation, I argue that the U.S. primacy has been inconsequential for intra-regional peace. Thus, I discuss the theoretical underpinnings of the hegemonic peace hypothesis, operationalize its causal argument, and ascertain its explanatory value in light of several cases of militarized interstate disputes. My findings corroborate that the U.S. hegemonic management is a tenuous explanation of the South American peace.