2003 Volume 4 Number 2



Vol. 4, No. 2, December 15, 2003


This number includes two articles and three book reviews. Dr. Hugo Hortiguera of Griffith University, Australia, analyzes the influence of popular fictional genres, such as the detective novel, upon Argentine journalism during the years of Dr. Carlos S. Menem’s government. Dr. Evelyn D. Ravuri, professor of Geography at Central Michigan University, assesses the impact of the creation of Ciudad Guayana on immigration to and from Bolívar State, Venezuela between 1950 and 1990. In a review of two books by Carlos Altamirano and one by Altamirano and Beatriz Sarlo, Flavia Fiorucci of the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, University of Geneva, places these texts within the context of sociological studies of Peronism. Vera Blinn Reber, Professor of History at Shippensburg University, reviews Robert Scheina’s study of Latin American Wars between 1791 and 1899. Mark Wasserman praises Jeffrey M. Pilcher for collecting well-written articles by young scholars on the cutting edge of their disciplines and for publishing them in The Human Tradition in Mexico (2003). Wasserman singles out the biographical articles about women from colonial to modern times as being especially useful for the new insights into Latin American history that their lives afford. Thus, this present volume examines Latin America within a vast continental context and within the most specific context of a single city.

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