Energy Auditing Brings Environmental and Financial Benefits to the U.S. Commercial Sector

Young, James
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University of Delaware
An energy audit (sometimes called “energy assessment” or “energy study”) determines where, when, why and how energy is used in a facility, and to identify opportunities to improve efficiency. Energy auditing services are offered by energy services companies (ESCOs), energy consultants, and engineering firms. The energy auditors lead the audit process but work closely with building owners, staff and other key participants to ensure accuracy of data collection and appropriateness of energy efficiency recommendations. Energy audits are a powerful tool for identifying operating and equipment improvements that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to better efficiency. This paper provides an analysis of the environmental and economic benefits of an energy audit, including an example energy study for a warehouse/distribution center, Liberty Distributors, located in the Brooklyn, New York. The first portion of the paper will define and give a brief history & analysis of the problem at stake, which is the highenergy usage in the United States Commercial Sector and how we, as a nation and society, are helping to curtail this problem through environmental efficiency mechanisms, such as energy auditing. Next, an energy study will be presented, which will include all information collected from the Liberty Distributors walk-through, performed by myself and my team at Bright Energy Services. Finally, a conclusion will be presented, including an analysis of the Liberty Distributors energy study, key findings from the research, and a list of recommendations that were made in order to reduce the facilities intense energy usage, such as the installation of energy conservation measures and energy conservation opportunities. Through a literature review analysis and an example of an energy study, I will prove how energy auditing is an essential mechanism in reducing the United States Commercial Sector’s high-energy consumption and how it can significantly lower business’ energy bills while benefiting the environment in a positive manner.
Energy & Environmental Policy , Energy Auditing