Developing an Open Source Predictive Spot Model for Use in Brown Dwarf Photometry

Dettman, Kyle
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University of Delaware
When studying ultracool stars such as brown dwarfs some of the most infor- mative data comes photometric observations. These observations, though limited in its accuracy due to the limitations of the collector, provide insight into features of the atmosphere that produce uctuations in the light curve. It is commonly thought that the uctuations are caused by traditional spots in the star's atmosphere, though analyzing the data can be di cult due to the sometimes sporadic data. This paper seeks to create an open source program which can analyze this photometric data and provide suggestions as to the structure of the spot to produce such a curve. It will also look at the typical features of spots and determine if the features that are seen on these stars are actually consistent with these features or if it some new phenomena such as clouds or other weather related structures.
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