"That street's for them not us": perceptions and experiences of public space in Georgetown, Delaware

Jacobson, Hannah K.
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University of Delaware
Georgetown, Delaware has undergone several significant changes in its population over the past thirty years. An influx of retirees and more significantly of immigrants from Latin America have caused population growth and changes in the racial composition of the town. These changes have caused modifications in the landscape and place identities of various spaces throughout the town. By utilizing a mixed methods approach this study sought to understand how various residents within Georgetown of various ages, and racial backgrounds look at and experience. Photo elicitation interviews revealed that many participants felt they were excluded from spaces in which their racial group did not hold a majority, and felt most comfortable in space where they held the majority. Georgetown is in a contest over how public space is envisioned and used, and this contest is reaching a critical point. The winners of this contest will play a defining role in the landscape identity of Georgetown.