Fiscal Note Model 2 Project Overview and Documentation

Wollaston, Martin
Condliffe, Simon
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Institute for Public Administration
The methodology explained in this report will assist local efforts to better understand the fiscal impacts resulting from proposed development activities. Chapter 1 describes the purpose and appropriate use of the “Fiscal Note 2 Model” and introduces key characteristics and attributes of the model. Chapter 2 addresses the selection and processing of municipal expenditure items for inclusion in the model while Chapter 3 addresses the same for municipal revenue items. Chapter 4 provides the basics for running the model, including the data inputs and information that should mostly be available from the comprehensive plan. Chapter 5 provides a short summary of the data that should be updated and incorporated into the model to ensure the model’s assumptions are kept current. Chapter 6 provides a step-by-step case study example of applying the model to a municipal comprehensive plan. Finally, Chapter 7 provides conclusions learned over the couple of years it took to develop this pilot project model and recommendations for improving it.
fiscal impacts of development , comprehensive plans , revenue impacts , expenditure impacts