Proceedings of Water Policy Forum Series No. 4 - The Historic Christina Basin: Delaware's First Watershed

Corrozi, Martha
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This policy forum, the fourth in a series that examines statewide water policy issues, was designed to explore past, present, and future issues in the watershed that is the largest source of drinking water supply in the state of Delaware – the Christina Basin. Over 200 attendees heard the speakers discuss a list of firsts attributable to the Christina Basin. The Christina Basin is the home of the first permanent European settlement in 1638 at the mouth of the Christinakill, now the present day location of the City of Wilmington. The only Revolutionary War battle in Delaware was fought at Cooch’s Bridge along the banks of the Christina River near Newark. The basin is an interstate watershed, the only one in Delaware, where the streams flow through three states. It is the home of the only six trout streams in Delaware as well as home to Wyeth and Winterthur and DuPont. The Brandywine Valley Association (BVA), formed in the late 1940s, was the first small watershed association in the United States. Accordingly, the Christina Basin holds a very special status for our small state.
Proceedings of the water policy forum held on October 13, 2004
watershed , Delaware , Christina , water resources , White Clay , Red Clay , Brandywine , river , water policy , forum