2005 Delaware Teacher Supply Survey Analysis

Raffel, Jeffrey A.
Beck, Amanda S.
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The 19 public school districts throughout the state of Delaware hired a total of 1,116 teachers for the 2004–2005 school year. The personnel directors from each district were asked to complete an online survey requesting information on the number of new hires, when personnel directors were notified of vacancies, when districts extended contracts, which teaching and non-teaching positions were difficult to fill, and recruitment tools used. All completed the survey. In addition to the 19 regular school districts in Delaware, this year’s survey was also distributed to the 13 charter schools in the state. Seven out of the 13 charter schools returned the survey. The charter school analysis is reported separate from the regular school district results below. This year’s survey, the fourth in an annual series of surveys, was administered through the Department of Education’s DEEDS website.
Teacher Supply , Delaware , Public Schools , Charter Schools , Survey , Analysis