2005 Update to the 1999 Town of Bethany Beach Comprehensive Plan

Wollaston, Martin
Fasano, William
and IPA Planning Services
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This Comprehensive Development Plan is intended to serve as a guideline for the future development of Bethany Beach. It has been adopted by the town council and is given official recognition as a guide for future planning efforts as a considered reflection of the wishes of the community and its representatives. The legal means for the implementation of the goals and objectives of this plan are included in zoning codes and other municipal codes and ordinances. This plan is a flexible guideline, and the updating or revision of planning goals and objectives is essential to keep the planning program responsive to the changing needs of the community. The public’s understanding of the role, and contribution to the efforts of the Planning Commission are needed to keep the community’s best interests aligned with the town’s growth and development plans for the future. Community interest and cooperative commitment to practical planning and the timely implementation of the goals and objectives of comprehensive development planning will contribute to a higher quality of life in Bethany Beach.
Bethany Beach, Delaware , Comprehensive plan , Update , Certified