Ross Mansion Quarter

Ames, David L.
Bethke, Robert D.
Curtis, James
Garrison, J. Ritchie
Herman, Bernard L.
Newton, James
Siders, Rebecca J.
Williams, William H.
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The Ross Mansion Quarter Committee was appointed by President David Roselle of the University of Delaware to review the architecture and historical documentation of the Ross Mansion Quarter and to formulate an historic structures report consisting of recommendations that will assist the Seaford Historical Society in their proposed restoration and interpretation of the structure. Situated on agricultural property held in trust for the University of Delaware, the Ross Mansion Quarter was identified by Claudia Mansion of the Seaford Historical Society. At their request, the Ross Mansion Quarter was donated by the University of Delaware to the Seaford Historical Society. Fieldwork on the Ross Mansion Quarter was supported by a state Historical Preservation fund sub grant awarded to the Center for Historic Architecture and Engineering. University of Delaware graduate students Gabrielle Lanier, Wanda S. Czerwinski, Nancy Van Dolsen, and Robert Koelle assisted with the field documentation of the structure. Reproduction and other aspects of report production were funded by the Seaford Historical Society.
Sussex County, Delaware , Seaford, Delaware , Slave quarters , African American , slavery , 1800-1850, Date of Construction