REACT: testing the effects of a poster education program on sport-related concussion knowledge and attitudes in high school football players

Johnson, Molly Lee
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University of Delaware
Background: Sport-related concussions (SRCs) have recently become a large concern in sports of all types and levels. This study aimed to test the effectiveness of a poster concussion intervention program at influencing high school football players in a way that will guide them towards taking the necessary actions when faced with a potential SRC. Methods: The REACT posters were hung in six high schools during a competitive football season, while an additional six non-poster schools served as controls. Effectiveness of the poster campaign was assessed using two variables derived from the RoCKAS-ST survey including the Concussion Knowledge Index (CKI) and the Concussion Attitudes Index (CAI). Results: Both the CKI and CAI scores were higher in the control (non-poster) group. Additionally, the poster group encountered a slight drop in CKI and CAI scores from pre to post-season. Conclusions: Contrary to what we hypothesized, our REACT poster campaign was ineffective in changing SRC-related knowledge and attitudes. We contend that the disconnect between our poster theme and the RoCKAS-ST survey instrument used to measure outcomes, as well as an ineffective poster design were most likely the cause of our findings.