Technical Support Document for Water Quality-based Toxics Control

Swietlik, Bill
Taft, James
Romney, Jacqueline
Smith, Kathryn
Cannell, John
Wood, Robert
Pendergast, James
Brandes, Rick
Frace, Sheila
Heber, Magarete
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The purpose of this revised Technical Support Document (TSD) for Water Quality-based Toxics Control is to provide the most current procedural recommendations and guidance for identifying, analyzing, and controlling adverse water quality impacts caused by toxic discharges to the surface waters of the United States. The original TSD was published in September 1985. Since then, the Clean Water Act (CWA) was amended in 1987 with an emphasis on controlling toxic pollutants. New policies and regulations have been promulgated and a vast amount of knowledge and experienced has been gained in controlling toxic pollutants. Because of these changes, EPA revised and updated the TSD. NOTE: Changes made to this document reflect corrections of typographical errors and the following update of the interim guidance on criteria for metals: The Agency has issued “Interim Guidance Interpretation and Implementation Aquatic Life Criteria for Metals.” The interim guidance supersedes criteria document statements expressing criteria in terms of a acid soluble analytical method and also the metals discusses of Section 5.7.3. The availability of this document appeared in the June 5, 1992 Federal Register (Vol. 57, No. 109, pg. 24407).
Toxicity , Water Pollution Control , Surface Water , Monitoring , Discharge , Public Health , Aquatic Biology , Outfall Sewers , Regional Analysis