Federal Register:Part II; Environmental Protection Agency: 40 CFR Parts 122 et al. Water Quality Guidance For The Great Lakes System And Correction; Proposed Rules

Enviromental Protection Agency
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The proposed Guidance specifies numeric criteria for selected pollutants to protect aquatic life, wildlife and human health within the Great Lakes System and methodologies to derive numeric criteria for additional polluntants discharged to these waters. The proposed Guidance also contains specific implementation procedures to translate the proposed ambient water quality criteria into enforceable controls on discharges of pollutants, and a proposed antidegradation policy for the Great Lakes System. The Great Lakes States and Tribes must adopt water quality standards, antidegradation policies, and implementation procedures for waters within the Great Lakes System which are consistent wit the final Guidance. If a Great Lakes State or Tribe fails to adopt consistent provisions within two years of EPA's publication of the final Guidance, EPA will promulgate such provisions within the same two-year period.
Pollutants , Great Lakes