Interstitial Water Chemistry of Chesapeake Bay Sediments

Bricker, Owen P.
Matisoff, Gerry
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Little work has been done on the geochemistry of estuarine sediments and even less on their interstitial fluids. In 1971, we began a program to systematically investigate the sediment-interstitial water system of the Chesapeake Bay and the role that the sediment reservoir plays in the chemistry of this estuary. The program was begun by the senior author while he was associated with the Chesapeake Bay Institute. Funding was provided by the United States Atomic Energy Commission from 1971-1975 (AT( 11-1)-3292). In 1975, the program became a part of the Maryland Geological Survey Chesapeake Bay Earth Science Study. The data tabulated here were collected by the senior author and his graduate students. It represents the most complete and well documented set of data on estuarine interstitial water chemistry that we are aware of at this time. Various aspects of these data have been treated by Bray, 1973; Bray, et a]., 1973; Troup, 1974; Troup, et al., 1974; Bricker and Troup, 1975; Troup and Bricker, 1975; Holdren, et al., 1975; Matisoff, et al., 1975; Holdren, 1977; Holdren and Bricker, 1977; Matisoff, 1977; and Goldberg, et al., 1977. We publish the full set of data here because other investigators may find it a useful steppingstone towards an understanding of the chemistry of the estuarine environment.
Interstitial Water Chemistry , Chesapeake Bay Sediments