Agricultural Landscapes Documented in Maryland, 1996-97

Siders, Rebecca J.
Melson, Dawn E.
Anderton, Connie
Darsie, Julie
Eubank, Allyson
Hein, Kara
Hershey, Preston
Lanier, Gabrielle
Radu, Cristina
Taylor, Susan
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Center for Historic Architecture and Design
Between October 1996 and June 1997, CHAD staff recorded nine properties, focusing on the variety of agricultural complexes and outbuildings constructed throughout the state in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. All of these properties were documented with black-and-white photographs of the interiors and exteriors, and scaled and annotated field notes of site plans, floor plans, sections,and other details. An additional product for this grant was the creation of annotated slides of the documented buildings and farms for use in public education lectures.
Belleview, Maryland , Newton White Tobacco Barn, Maryland , Talbot County, Maryland , Clay's Hope, Maryland , Frederick County, Maryland , Heritage Farm, Maryland , Hopewell, Maryland , Koontz Farm, Maryland , Carroll County, Maryland , Kent County, Maryland , Shepherd's Delight, Maryland , Tavern Creek Farm, Maryland , Calvert County, Maryland , White Cliff's Farm, Maryland