Threatened Resources Documented In Maryland, 1995-96

McCarthy, Deidre C.
Siders, Rebecca J.
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Center for Historic Architecture and Engineering
In October 1995 the Center for Historical Architecture and Engineering, received a $19,500 matching funds grant from the Maryland Historical Trust, State of Maryland, to continue the documentation of threatened buildings in Maryland that began with a grant in 1991-92. The Maryland Threatened Buildings Survey is designed to undertake the "salvage" documentation of endangered historic standing structures in Maryland and to increase awareness, through public education programs, of the wide range of threats to the historic built environment.
Frederick County, Maryland , Caroline County, Maryland , Queen Anne's County, Maryland , James Webb House, Maryland , Annington Slave Quarter, Maryland , Hermitage Slave Quarter, Maryland , Darnall Farm Slave Quarter, Maryland , Grasslands Slave Quarter, Maryland , Baltimore County, Maryland , Anne Arundel County, Maryland , Montgomery County, Maryland , Hampton Slave Quarters, Maryland , Bunker Hill Slave Quarter, Maryland , Ice Street Tenant Houses, Maryland