Dynamic Water Quality Forecasting And Management

O'Connor, Donald J.
Thomann, Robert V.
Di Toro, Dominic M.
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This report describes the formulation and initial verification of two modeling frameworks. The first is directed toward an analysis of the impact of the carbonaceous and nitrogenous components and wastewater on the dissolved oxygen resources of a natural water system. The second modeling framework concentrates on the interactions between the discharge of nutrient, both nitrogen and phosphorus, and the biomass of the phytoplankton ,and zooplankton populations which result, as well as incorporating the overall impact on dissolved oxygen. The models are formulated in terms of coupled differential equations which incorporate both the effect of transport due to tidal motion and turbulence, and the kinetics which describe the biological and chemical transformations that can occur. The modeling frameworks are applied to the Delaware and Potomac estuaries in order to estimate the ability of such models to describe the water quality effects of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous discharges. The agreement achieved between observation and calculation indicate that the major features of the impact of wastewater components on eutrophication phenomena can be successfully analyzed within the context of the model presented herein. This report was submitted in fulfillment of Project Number R800369, by Manhattan College, Bronx, New York, under the sponsorship of the Environmental Protection Agency. Work was completed as December 31, 1972.
Water Quality , Forecasting , Management