Volatilization Of Organic Pollutants From Water

Mackay, Donald
Shiu, Wan Ying
Bobra, Alice
Billington, Jim
Chau, Eva
Yeun, Andrew
Ng, Cecilia
Szeto, Foon
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The volatilization of organic environmental contaminants from water bodies to the atmosphere was investigated. The general aim was to elucidate the factors that control the volatilization process and develop predictive methods for calculating volatilization rates for various compounds from rivers, lakes and other water bodies under various conditions of temperature and wind speed. The report contains both theoretical and experimental studies and a comprehensive review of the equilibrium physical chemistry and thermodynamics of systems involving hydrophobic organic solutes and water. A result of the thermodynamic analysis is the development of the fugacity approach for calculating multi-phase equilibria applicable to environmental partitioning. The approach can also be applied to calculating multiresistance transfer as may occur in lakes. Correlations are developed for predicting or checking consistency of data for aqueous solubility, vapor pressure, Henry's law constant and octanol-water partition coefficient.
Volatilization , Organic Pollutants , Thermodynamics Analysis