Techniques of Water Resources Investigations of the United States Geological Survey

Thatcher, L.L
Janzer, V.J
Edwards, K.W
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United States Department of Interior
Analytical methods for the determination of some of the more important components of fission or neutron activation product radioactivity and of nature radioactivity found in water are reported. The report for each analytical method includes conditions for application of the method, a summary of the method, interferences, required apparatus ’and reagents, analytical procedures, calculations, reporting of results, and estimation of precision. The fission product isotopes considered are cesium-137, strontium-90, and ruthenium-106. The natural radioelements and isotopes considered are uranium, lead-210, radium-226, radium-228, tritium, and carbon-14. A gross radioactivity survey method and a uranium isotope ratio method are given. When two analytical methods are in routine use for an individual isotope, both methods are reported with identification of the specific areas of application of each. Techniques for the collection and preservation of water samples to be analyzed for radioactivity are discussed.
water sediments , fluvial sediments , radioactive substances