Processes, Coefficients, and Models for Simulating Toxic Organics and Heavy Metals in Surface Waters

Schnoor, Jerald L.
Sato, Chikashi
McKechnie, Deborah
Sahoo, Dipak
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Enviromental Research Agency (EPA)
This is a reference manual for users for models that compute the fate and transport of toxic organic chemicals and heavy metals in natural surface waters. The primary purpose of this document is to assist potential users in selecting proper models and to supply a literature review of rate constants and coefficients, to insure the wise application of the models. The manual describes basic concept of fate and transport mechanisms, providing kinetic formulations that are common to these models. Development of generalized mathematical models and analytical solutions to the equations are demonstrated. The manual includes a brief general description of four models (EXAMS II, TOXIWASP, HSPF, and MINTEQ), example runs, and comparisons collected through literature reviews through 1986. This report was submitted in fulfillment of Coooperative Agreement No. CR811756 by the University of Iowa under the sponsorship of the U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency. The report covers the period September 1, 1984, to December 31, 1986, and work was completed as of December 31, 1986.
processes , coefficients , models , toxic organics , heavy metals