Unique Mathematical Models Of Individual Blood

Deland, E.C.
Magnier, E.
Maloney, J.V.
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Rand Corporation
This research investigates the applicability of mathematical and computer procedures for the simulation of theoretically normal human blood biochemistry to the problem of simulating the unique blood of certain clinical patients. This Memorandum reviews only briefly the earlier methods for the steady-state simulation of large biochemical systems, and then adapts the basic concepts to the problem of automatically modeling the unique blood of an individual. The procedures and algorithms are discussed, and, in particular, it is shown that given sufficient laboratory data a unique model can automatically be defined. In thirty separate laboratory experiments, a model of individual blood was obtained and tested against the real blood in vitro, under various chemical stresses. Results indicate satisfactory agreement except in cases where time dependent or kinetic parameters are involved as in potassiumion uptake by the cells. These results have encouraged the belief that with subsequent improvement, in particular, development of procedures based upon minimal data, modeling procedures will be applicable and useful in a clinical setting.
Human Blood , Mathematical Models , Computer Procedures