The Reporting Of News In Disaster: A Comparative Study Of Japanese And American Communities

Quarantelli, E. L.
Wenger, Dennis E.
Mikami, Shunji
Hiroi, Osamu
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Disaster Research Center
This work reports on the first ever effort by researchers from tfie United States and Japan to undertake a collaborative social science study in the disaster area. The agreed upon focus was the operation of local mass communication systems during the emergency time periods of disasters in both societies. Using a mostly common, although not identical research design, the Americans studied local reporting of a major hurricane (Hurricane Alicia in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area in 1983) and a major sudden flood (around Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1984). The Japanese in turn researched the local reporting of two similar disasters (the floods and landslides around Nagasaki in 1982 and the earthquake-tsunami disaster in Noshiro City in northern Japan in 1983). The overall objective of the collaborative work was to ascertain the similarities and differences in disaster news gathering and reporting at the local community level in the two societies.
Japanese Communities , American Communities , Mass Communication System