Hurricane, Betsy, 1965; A Selective Analysis Of Organizational Response In The New Orleans Area

Forrest, Thomas R.
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Disaster Research Center
Following Hurricane Betsy, the Disaster rsearch Center undertook an intensive study of some of the organizational responses in the New Orleans area. From the data gathered in field work, a working paper was prepared several years later. This was never publicly circulated beyond DRC because it was intended to be but the first of two or three other extensive case studies which were to be part of a comparative analysis of community organizational response to major disaster. For a variety of reasons the other case studies were never written. However, the New Orleans case study, even at the present time, still is one of the more detailed ones existing in disaster literature. It is, therefore, now being published in more public form, so disaster researchers and historians will have easier access to the material. The present version is almost identical to the original working paper except for some minor editing and limited bibliographical updating. As such, time reference to the organizations and actions described in the monograph refer to the year 1965 when the hurricane hit Louisiana. Structure and function of such groups as local Red Cross chapters and civil defense have changed somewhat in the ensuing decade.
Hurricane Betsy , New Orleans , Organizational Response , Civil Defense , Red Cross , Southern Bell Telephone And Telegraph Company