Get To High Ground! The Warning Process In the Colorado Floods June 1965

Worth, Marti F.
McLuckie, Benjamin F.
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Disaster Research Center
Among the earliest work undertaken by the Disaster Research Center (DRC) was a series of field studies on warnings in connection with floods in ten different communities in Colorado in June 1965. For a variety of reasons no public report on the research was ever issued. A limited circulation working paper describing some of the research was written in 1968. This version was modified by the late Benjamin F, McLuckie in 1971 but was kept in working paper form. However, the initiation of the DRC Historical and Comparative Disasters series in 1977 offered an opportunity to bring the work to a larger audience, Accordingly, Marti F. Worth of the DRC staff went back to the original interview data in the files to rewrite, extend and update the two earlier versions. This volume is a product of that effort, and, thus, a study of over a decade ago now becomes fully available.The decision to publish the results of research conducted some time back was partly dictated by two factors. First, even at the present time most studies focus on only one disaster impacted community; in in this instance ten different communities were studied comparatively in connection with the same general disaster and in the same way. Second, while a number of very good studies of warning have been undertaken in the disaster area, few have concentrated on the organizational aspects of the warning process as did the DRC Colorado study. Thus, at this time this report of a study conducted in 1965 seems warranted.
Warning Process , Colorado Floods , Collective Stress , Forecast