Development of an amino acid racemization database for coastal plain sites in North Carolina

Pellerito, Vincent
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University of Delaware
An extensive collection of unpublished and published AAR, radiometric and taphonomic characteristic data for mollusk samples from coastal North and South Carolina have been arranged into a relational database. Organizing over two decades of regional AAR data is particularly important for ongoing chronostratigraphic studies of coastal North Carolina, where active study of an extensive Quaternary sequence is underway as part of the North Carolina Coastal Geology cooperative. A relational database design allows for integrated querying of multiple parameter datasets and ensures the database remains adaptable by removing any dependency on software. We also make use of current data sharing standards for the Microsoft® Windows® platform, employing data analysis software and GIS. Examination of this integrated dataset using advanced visualization techniques should improve understanding of the North Carolina coastal plain stratigraphy and help refine current chronostratigraphic estimates for the region. Furthermore, it builds on efforts to hone the accuracy and applicability of the AAR method as a chronological tool by incorporating numerous analyses over a thoroughly studied region such as the North Carolina coastal plain. Future endeavors such as web accessibility of the database and possible incorporation into a larger data repository is assisted with proper design early on. In addition, a user-friendly database interface has been developed for continued chromatographic data collection for an active AAR laboratory.
Mollusk , Atlantic coastal plain , Amino acid racemization (AAR) analyses , Geochronology