Inventory Of The Japanese Disaster Research Literature In The Social And Behavioral Sciences

Yamamoto, Yasumasa
Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
This inventory has two sections. The first section provides three lists: (1) A list of the 62 Japanese social and behavioral science publications on the topic of disasters written through 1981. The items listed constitute the bulk of the empirically based literature produced in Japan; (2) A list of 39 English language writings by Japanese researchers. Some of these sources reproduce in whole or in part some of the material from the first list, but there is also original material; (3) A list of 16 non-social science but disaster relevant sources which would be of value for anyone planning to do field work on Japanese disasters. English language translations are provided for the Japanese titles which are only a fraction of this kind of literature available. The second section of the inventory provides information and an abstract of the 62 Japanese publications in the first list. For each empirical report the following is presented: title, author(s), publisher and year, type of disaster agent, date of occurrence, location of event, casualties and damage in the situation, date of study and methodology used, and detailed hypotheses and findings.
Inventory , Japanese Research Literature , Social Sciences , Behavioral Sciences