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  • Reimer, Janet J.; Vargas, Rodrigo; Rivas, David; Gaxiola-Castro, Gilberto; Hernandez-Ayon, J. Martin; Lara-Lara, Ruben (Public Library of Science (PLOS), 2015-04-29)
    Some land and ocean processes are related through connections (and synoptic-scale teleconnections) to the atmosphere. Synoptic-scale atmospheric (El Niño/Southern Oscillation [ENSO], Pacific Decadal Oscillation [PDO], ...
  • Heng, Tomislav; Mendes de Jesus, Jorge; Heuvelink, Gerard B. M.; Ruiperez Gonzalez, Maria; Kilibarda, Milan; Blagotić, Aleksandar; Shangguan, Wei; Wright, Marvin N.; Geng, Xiaoyuan; Bauer-Marschallinger, Bernhard; Guevara, Mario Antonio; Vargas, Rodrigo; MacMillan, Robert A.; Batjes, Niels H.; Leenaars, Johan G. B.; Ribeiro, Eloi; Wheeler, Ichsani; Mantel, Stephan; Kempen, Bas (PLOS (Public Library of Science), 2017-02-16)
    This paper describes the technical development and accuracy assessment of the most recent and improved version of the SoilGrids system at 250m resolution (June 2016 update). SoilGrids provides global predictions for ...

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